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"The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend"

Communist "sharing" is perpetual theft

By Mike Smith
9th of April 2014
I sometimes come across idiots who defend Communism. They tell me it is a noble idea to "share".
When I point out that in all communist countries to date it led to total collapse and even genocide in some cases. When I point out the spying and the secret police making people disappear they are quick to defend it by saying the Americans and the West are worse or at least just as bad.
I get people who say that in the GDR (former East Germany) it wasn't all that bad.
When I point out that Germans today are still paying a Solidarity tax to rebuild East Germany 25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall and that the unemployment in East  Germany is massive, then they blame it on the Capitalists who do not want to "share"...
The quickest way to shut them up is to tell these Communist apologists who think Communism is so great to all move to North Korea...There is still a beautiful Communist Utopia for them to go and live in.
You see, the Bible says in Mathew 7:18 that you recognize a tree by its fruit.
"A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit"
...if Communism was such a noble idea then why do we not see it in the fruit it bears?
The concept of sharing is good. It is benevolent. Stealing on the other hand. Forcefully taking half of what someone else has is malevolent and evil.
That is exactly what the ANC has proposed now. Farmers must give 50% of their farms to the labourers.
SA farmers don't owe anyone anything
And the biggest Union Group Cosatu which is in a Communist Troika with the ANC and the SACP supports it.
Cosatu backs 50% farm stake for workers
On Sunday, Rapport newspaper reported that farm workers on commercial farms could own half of the farms according to a new proposal government was considering.
The proposal meant expropriating half of every commercial farm in South Africa and handing it over to farm workers, according to the report.
The newspaper was in possession of a document named "Final Policy Proposals for Strengthening the Relative Rights of People Working the Land", which was discussed with agricultural organisations last Monday.
The historic owners would retain half of their farms and the state would pay for the 50% taken for the workers, Rapport said.
But where is the state going to get the money from?
Land claims to cost taxpayers up to R179bn
They are just stealing, stealing, stealing.
Whites in SA are constantly threatened by the likes of the EFF and the ANC that if they do not "share" willingly they will be robbed of their land, their homes, their money, their possessions, etc.
That is Communist "sharing" for you. They want to "share" 50% of what you have, never 50% of what they have.
Once they got your 50% then they want 50% of what you have left, and so on until they have everything and you have nothing. What then? Then you become expendable. Then they don't need you anymore. Then you get chopped up with machetes.
Why is it that whites South Africans could never see that it is not going to end when the land claims are all settled? The first wave of land claims was just the start!
Then they want 50% of all the farms that are left over....and so on.
With BEE they already went after 50% of the businesses.
And once they got all the farms and the businesses, they are going to come after the homes. You will be forced to give 50% of your property up to the maid and the gardener. They did the same in all the Communist countries, why won't they do it in SA?
It is the way Communist "sharing" works.
Whites farmers in SA were stupid to even agree to start with land claims. They were stupid to agree to Affirmative Action and BEE. They should never have done it. They should have gone to war with the ANC over their land, their jobs their businesses back then already. It is nothing but theft.
When will whites take a stand and say, "Up to here and no further"?
How many women and children must still get raped and killed? How many more jobs lost? How many more businesses and farms stolen before whites in SA will take a stand?
It is either that or they will lose everything including their lives, because I can assure them that the ANC and their willingness to "share" is not going to go away. Ignoring the problem is not going to help. Constantly hoping that things will get better is useless.
If you want it to get better then you have to MAKE it get better. You have to get off your arse and get rid of the root cause of the problem, namely the ANC.
Mathew 7 goes further...verse 19...Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

18 March 2014

Helen Zille proves that liberals do not understand the psychology of the formerly colonised

"The Negro enslaved by his inferiority, the white man enslaved by his superiority alike behave in accordance with a neurotic orientation." ― Frantz Fanon, "Black Skin, White Masks"
By Mike Smith
18th of March 2014
The darling of the liberals has lost it completely. Helen Zille now officially belongs in a mental institution. It is the only way to describe her behavior.
I wrote about her antics like getting Ghostbusters in to rid her residence, Leeuwenhof, of ghosts about three years ago when she wanted to have men who have multiple sexual partners without condoms charged with attempted murder.
Is Helen Zille going cuckoos?
It is clear that this liberal idiot is sexist and bigoted in the extreme and totally racist to boot.
Out she came a few days ago and challenged Msholozi Showerhead to a public, live TV debate ...her aim of course is to win black votes.
This in itself won't be a difficult debate to win, because Zuma is an idiot with no formal schooling.
You are illiterate like Zuma, pupil told
So why does Zille think she is hardcore? Does she think it will be an accomplishment to mentally bully an intellectual cripple like Zuma?
If anything she will just make blacks resent her more. It shows that she has no understanding of blacks, their values and/or culture. Actually she should know better seeing that she can speak Xhosa fluently.
A woman (white to boot) talking down to the great Zulu, Msholozi, putting him in his place...How far does the white madam think she is going to get with blacks trying that stunt?
Zille is so desperate to win black votes that she has made a total fool of herself several times in the past.
Three years ago she tried to impress blacks by doing a toyi-toyi dance at Kliptown in Soweto. Blacks resented her even more and made fun of her.
Malema: Zille dances like a monkey
Recently her desperation to get a token black person for the DA blew up in her face when her perverse five day love affair with Agang's Mamphela Ramphela turned into an embarrassing fiasco.
'Embarassing fiasco' as DA and Agang split after five-day affair
Now she has just made an even bigger fool of herself. On Sunday she went to visit the Baralong people at Bodibe in the North West Province...Dressed like a black woman stirring a pot of "pap" and riding a donkey cart holding a blue beach umbrella... A crowd called her Masechaba, or mother of the nation.

Twitter storm over Zille's Bodibe pictures
As can be expected... blacks slammed her for "trying too hard" and for a patronising attitude towards black people.
What is she trying to prove? That she is one of them? That they are the same as her? God only knows what goes through her liberal air-head.
I have spoken to blacks extensively and there are some fundamental facts that she and liberals in general need to grasp and accept.
1. Blacks do not trust liberals.

2. Blacks will NEVER vote for the DA, not in big numbers anyway.
3. In SA blacks vote for blacks and whites vote for whites. 
Zille will never be accepted by blacks as one of them. Her attempts are an exercise in futility.
No matter how well she runs the Western Cape, how many wall-less toilets she builds for them, how many RDP houses or schools she builds, they will never like her.
She tried to brag about how well the Western Cape is run, but completely miscalculated the reaction of blacks in response to her.
She referred to young blacks from the bankrupt and destroyed Eastern Cape as "Refugees" streaming into the well run Western Cape and the blacks hated her for speaking the truth and called her a racist.
Helen Zille: Exposing her racial nakedness
What Zille fails to grasp about the psychology of the formerly colonized is clearly set out by Franz Fanon in his book, "The wretched of the earth" and other works.
She is hated and despised for simply being there. Her mere presence reminds blacks of their inferiority. 
The fact that the Western Cape is outperforming all the ANC run provinces is not admired by blacks...they hate her for it, because it shows them up for the failures they are.
To blacks, the DA run Western Cape is not an example or model to strive for. They don't think they should run or uplift the other eight provinces to the Western Cape standard. No, in their minds the Western Cape must be destroyed and run just as badly as or worse than the Eastern Cape.
Every western hospital with western doctors and nurses is a testimony to their primitive and backward Muti and Sangoma medicine. Every western built school or university reminds them of their inability to invent the wheel, a written language or basic arithmetic. Every white built house reminds them of their inferior mud huts or tin shacks. The list is almost endless.
As long as there is a single white person left in South Africa, blacks will despise him/her for making them feel inferior due to his/her presence.  To blacks whites are colonizers and are what Franz Fanon calls, "colonial germs of rot" that must be removed not only from the land, but also from their memories.