Siener se Visioene -Stakings, Kragteloos, geweld

22/08/2012 13:10

21 August 2012

Malema's secret visit to London

The implications for South Africa and the reality of Sieners Visions.


By Mike Smith
21st of August 2012

The Lonmin mining strike in August 2012 was not the first one at a Platinum mine. In fact in the last three years several Platinum mines lost major revenue due to ongoing strikes.

In 2010 there was a six week strike over pay at Northam Platinum's Zondereinde mine.

In May 2011 Lonmin fired 9,000 staff at its Karee mine near Rustenburg after they went on an illegal strike following a union dispute.

In Oct 2011 Aquarius Platinum was hit by an AMCU strike at their Everest mine.

In Jan-Feb 2012 Impala Platinum's Rustenburg operation was closed for six weeks at a cost of 120,000 ounces of platinum after rock drill operators went on strike. Three miners were killed in clashes between rival union factions at the mine.

In May 2012 NUM and AMCU union members fought for membership at Implats another Tow day strike followed

TIMELINE-Major strikes at S.African platinum mines

The Timeline of events between 10 and 17 August 2012 at Lonmin’s Marikana mine can be read here:

Lonmin Massacre: A timeline of events

Just a week before the Lonmin strike started, former ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema and his sidekick Floyd Shivambu returned from a secret trip to London.

Nobody knows who paid for the trip or their stay at the five-star Corinthia hotel in Whitehall Place, SW London. The cost of a room at the Corinthia was between 571 pounds (R7 400) and 1 950 pounds (R25 250). During his visit he had interviews with the BBC's World Service and Sky News, but Malema refused to give any details of his visit.

Mystery surrounding Malema's London trip bill
Malema’s mystery trip to London

According to another report in City Press, Malema and Shivambu arrived in London to speak to “British investors” and convince them to invest in South Africa. Malema was reportedly expected to face a grilling from British businessmen about his stance on the nationalisation of mines and expropriation of land without compensation.

Malema, Shivambu in London to ‘speak to investors’

At first there were rumours that Sport Minister Fikile Mbalula paid for Malema’s trip, but he denied it outright.

Nevertheless, we will probably never know what was said between those rich London Randlords and Malema/Shivambu, but within a few days after his return a catastrophic strike broke out at Lonmin’s Marikana mine, the result was 44 people dead of which 34 were miners massacred by the police.

Half a day after the massacre, Malema was at the scene where he addressed the miners who received him as their saviour. He met them unarmed in an open field. He refused a police escort, saying he was not in danger. He was the only leader who could speak to the miners.

Malema takes charge

Malema spent the day visiting the hospitals and a mine facility where several of the arrested miners were allegedly being held. He further denounced President Zuma saying: “This is a disruptive government. When people ask you who is your president (sic), you must say I don’t have a president,” he told the miners.

He accused President Zuma of speaking only to whites and called for Zuma and the Police Minister, Nathi Mthethwa to step down.

Malema also slammed Cyril Ramaphosa who chaired the ANC disciplinary committee of appeals, which fired Malema from the ANC party. Ramaphosa’s Shanduka firm pledged R2million to help bury the dead miners.

In the mean time a report appeared on PRAAG website that Ramaphosa’s company, Shanduka was responsible for providing the mine with labour, pocketing 2/3rds of the pay themselves and short changing the miners. Of the R12,000 paid by the mine, the miners only got R4000.

The article was also quoted on Politicsweb by Musiuoa Lekota of the COPE party

But according to a report on the Black newspaper Sowetan, Both Solidarity union and Lonmin said that Rock drillers in fact earn about R10,500 a month. What the Lonmin workers are really earning

How much of this money is deducted for tax, medical aid, UIF, agency fees, etc is not clear. It can be that they only take home about R4000.

Nevertheless, today, 21st of August 2012, Malema went and helped the miners lay charges of murder against the Police. Malema to help miners open murder case

It is clear that the populist Malema is trying his best to rally the miners behind him.

What are the implications?

If power drunk Malema succeeds to get the support of the miners, he will have them eat out of his hand. If he calls further country wide strikes at mines it will paralyze the South African economy.
Not only that, if he succeeds in getting the coalminers to strike, power stations will come to a grinding halt. No trains will run. No fuel pumps at the petrol stations will work. No food will be transported. Total chaos and food shortages will be the order of the day.


As you know, I am very skeptical about the prophecies and visions of Nicolaas “Siener” van Rensburg and have always taken it with a pinch of salt. But once I started milling about the implications of Malema rallying the miners behind him, I remembered once reading about a massive strike…a mother of all strikes, in the book “Boodskapper van God” by Adriaan Snyman, which deals with the visions of Van Rensburg.

On page 300-301 we read under the heading “Stakings en kragonderbrekings in Gauteng”…[Strikes and power outages in Gauteng] about exactly this scenario.

Van Rensburg said that in the time after the NP disappeared, a massive strike will hit Johannesburg. Bigger than the 1922 miner strike. The strike will go together with massive power outages. None of the trains in the entire country will run except for the one between Prieska and South West Africa (Namibia). No motor vehicles will be able to run. People will gather wood just to cook food others will eat cold porridge.

The strikes and power outages will increasingly get worse until the economy is paralyzed. One salary increase after the other will be demanded until businesses won’t be able to afford it and be forced to shut shop. It will all form part of the communist plan to make the entire country ungovernable.

All of these things will only be the start and from here on things will pick up momentum…

Could it be that Siener van Rensburg was right all along? You be the judge… *****   Ja hy was reg swaer !